Opengov.cat has only one ambitious goal: a better democracy.

We are aiming at it around four areas that derive in projects:

(1) Describing society and links between politics and the economy. Who is who in politics at different levels and layers: State, Autonomous Goverment (Generalitat), other layers (Diputació, Consell Comarcal), City Council (Ajuntament), etc. How? By finding information, putting it on spreadsheets and creating a searchable linkable database, and publishing open datasets. -> Departaments Oberts

(2) Monitoring government at local, regional and state level.  Reviewing (scraping, developing apps) public official documents, journals, bulletins: BOPB, DOGC. Monitor who is who in the structure of Generalitat and its activity, with constant updates -> SISMÒGRAF

(3) Where does my money go? At local, regional, state level: Analyze  annual budgets, expenditure and debt, public tender, high officials appointed by the government, their salaries and benefits. Relate this to  (1) and (2) -> report about 1.7million euros in Crític

(4) We want to know. We file freedom of information requests after having followed up the development of Catalonia’s first Transparency Law in 2014.  In its article 26.1  it specifies that to file requests you have to provide your identity, but not your identity card (DNI) number. We don’t want to fill in forms to access public information. We have a right to it.