Open Depts.

Here you have a data visualization of the structure of different departments of the Generalitat de Catalunya, based on data on their website. Our seismograph is based on this information.

The map of Presidency

The map of Agriculture

The map of Health

The map of Education

The map of Economy and Knowledge (enigma solved here).

You may open and close each department unit and see how many depend on it by clicking on the circles on the left of each name.

A yellow circle allows to unfold units to the right and to fold them up to the left. Blue circles may only unfold . In order not to get lost, the last circle you clicked on turns yellow.

The circles become larger or smaller depending on the number of units that depend on them.

At the top left there’s a text search box to look for units. At the bottom left there’s a box with the name of the unit and how many depend on it, its code number and the name of the person responsible. A click on the code number takes you to the corresponding page on the Generalitat website.

We invite you to explore!

Our visualizations of Departaments of the Catalan government la Generalitat derive from an XML file found on the open data portal of Generalitat on 26 April 2013. There is a copy here. The hierarchy between the different organization within each Departament was added by scraping. The code and data (csv or json, produced in python) are available at GitHub. All collaboration and feedback is very welcome.